Thursday, October 04, 2007

Customer Service....Hello!?

What has happened to customer service? I am it outdated? Here is an example of shitty "customer service" in the last week:

I had to return a gift at Wal-Mart on Florin Rd: Stood in line for 25 minutes. Saw signs saying that Wal-Mart wants to "please" their shoppers. I watched as the employees totally ignored the shoppers who were wanting to return gifts/purchases, etc. I saw one old man who finally made it to the desk, in his walker, turn in a non-working phone system. The Wal-Mart employee said to him, "take it back, find the right one, and come back"...never making eye-contact with this customer. He says, "do I have to stand in line again"? She smirks, treats him like an idiot, and says, "didn't I just say to come back to me?" This perks my interest! I say, "no, you did not just say, come back to me. Your instructions were ambiguous at best and you are rude as hell!"

I finally got up in the line, to meet the WalMart employee, who is supposed to care about my experience at the store. I put my receipt down, and put the returned item on the desk. The Wal-Mart employee never looked me in the eye, never said thank you, how are you, etc. After the return transaction was complete, she yelled "Next" She never once said, "thanks for shopping at Wal-Mart", it was more like, "you can kiss my ass for shopping at WalMart".

I hate shopping at WalMart. I will suggest to my relatives and friends to avoid shopping there. Home Depot is just as bad. Shop Local...whenever you can! I love to shop at The Nuggett, Corti Bros, Taylors Market, Italian Importing Company...and any locally owned Ace Hardware Store. Hell, Raley's is owned locally, but customer service sure ain't what it used to be.


sher said...

Oh!! Don't get me started on Wal-Mart! If you want to be treated rudely--head over to the Woodland Wal-Mart. They must wait for the rudest people to apply, then snap them up to work there. My husband went there to buy me something and when he couldn't find it, he walked up to a Wal-Mart employee and asked where he would find it in the store. She looked at him like he was out of his mind and YELLED "That's not my aisle!" And stomped off. Hello?

And Home Depot...Ugh!

Hahn at Home said...

I agree..and we all need to STOP shopping there and perpetuating the experience.

Melly said...

My husband works for SMUD..a huge company here in Sac. They give safety awards to their employees..they are $25.00 WalMart gift cards. Yikkes.

I am going to see if he can get them to give out safety award gift cards to area owned stores.

What is Curry? said...

you know Melly, sometime it is just not the store but the people who work there that make a difference. I totally agree with you on Walmart,Home Depot and the likes..

Anonymous said...

This is my pet peeve...well this and people who are perpetually late. Anyway, it doesn't matter what coast you're on, Walmart and Home Depot suck...with one exception. The Walmart I go to has the sweetest woman as a greeter. When I need something I go to her and she intercedes on my behalf. I've told the manager twice she needs to be promoted to Customer Service manager and train the rest of the nitwits in the store!

Melly said...

I have not heard back from WalMart...yet.