Saturday, September 22, 2007

Just Because

I am so cute....and I finally have hair. I also love to take baths. My gramma is sooooo lucky. I'm going to have a baby brother in December. Not sure how I'll feel about him yet.
I can't cook yet, but I love food.
My favorite snack? Smart Puffs..or frozen peas or frozen blueberries.
Must haves? A banana as soon as I get up and get downstairs..and maybe some vanilla yogurt. I am just not myself until I have my morning banana.
Favorite eatery? Chucky Cheese or that gelato place right next to my favorite outdoor mall playground. I have to go in there everytime. I like MilesAway too..for the playstuff...and Peanut Butter and Ellies, but not for the tofu. Ick. Sometimes my parents feed me stuff just to see the look on my face.
My gramma comes to visit and she cooks lots of stuff...and she has to have a 12 inch pan. She will let me stand on a chair and help her do the dishes..but I mostly just splash around. Once, I wanted to get into the she cleaned out the sink and filled it back up...and let me get in! I had a bath in the sink in the kitchen!
See ya soon Gramma.
P.S. Nice blog


Shankari said...
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What is Curry? said...

That is a really cute picture..I deleted the 1st comment to say something else and now I cant remember :(

Eileen and Sue said...

how old is she, she is so cute. Grandma you sure spoil her! Here I thought I was bad with mine.

Hahn at Home said...

She is a cutie...has gramma's eyes too!

Melly said...

Elaina is almost 19 mos. old. She talks on the phone now! I'll be headed to Portland soon to get my "fix".

Anonymous said...

She is obviously a gifted writer like her gramma! Not only is she beautiful but brilliant as well.
PS...she'll probably be jealous for the 1st year or so and then she'll love and adore him forever!