Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I am hot!

My husband is hard of hearing in one ear..like his father. I can be in the kitchen..and he is in the living room [if you have been to our house you know this is not a stretch] and I can say stuff like, "what do you want with your steak?" No answer. "The kitchen is on fire". No answer. "I'm on fire". With the correct voice inflection, THAT will get his attention.. but usually not.

I can then go into the hallway and turn the air conditioner on. He perks up as if he's been hit with a cattle prod...then...comes into the kitchen and says.."are we shutting the house down?." Meaning....if you are turning the air on, then let's close all of the windows. I tell him, "I am having a hot flash...I need air right now". At which point he rushes around the garage to get the fan...and then places it toward me in the kitchen...asking me, "is this hitting you okay?" He then rushes around the house to close 3 windows. Hello...I am still hot. I just wanted some very cold air while I was making dinner. He is in the living room, watching tv...I am in the kitchen cooking...pans hot, oven on. Hot kitchen! Hot me. [after about 5 minutes he goes and turns the air off but leaves the fan on...so that I still think the air is on]. This works....not.

We have a history of this.

He used to come and visit me in my lovely home in the Redwoods of California...Sonoma County. I had a fabulous cabin-like home..my dream spot right in the forest...hardwood floors, huge fireplace, sky-lights, tons of windows. The first night he slept with me...I awoke to find him shivering. His teeth were actually chattering. It was spring-time. My fireplace was going..I just could not understand why he was so cold. [I am a Wyoming girl] I asked him, "should I shut the window?" He replied, in a high pitched, shocked and quivery voice, "you mean the window is open?" I began to laugh....lots. He did not. I always sleep with the window open..no matter how cold it is.

Hell yes...I can only sleep when it is chilly in the bedroom....and afterall, I had a down comforter on the bed for him! I still think it is hot, when he thinks it is cold. At the beginning of September, he insisted on having two blankets and a comforter...which I throw over on him. I just want a light blanket and a sheet...and a fan blowing on me... cause baby I am hot!


Anonymous said...

I can certainly relate. My husband installed ceiling fans throughout the house years ago....and can't stand for any of them to be on because moving air bothers him. If it's 95 with 70% humidity he wants the bedroom window open. He claims it's all in a persons head. I can tell you...my head sweats more than any other part of my body. So on that note, he's correct.

Melly said...

Yep..I stopped worrying about doing my hair for that very reason. :)

Just saw the dr. yesterday and asked her why the hell I still get hot flashes when I have not had a period in more than 3 years. She says, "it's normal".

Eileen and Sue said...

Oh, thank goodness I don't have hot flashes.. my mother didn't either. I can relate though, Charlie turns his electric blanket on (I bought a twin size just for his side of the bed) if it gets under 70 degrees. I like sleeping with the window open too, he freezes to death. You'd think with the cooler weather last week we were in the middle of winter!

Hahn at Home said...

Hot flash is my middle name these days. If men suffered from them, there would have been a cure fifty years ago - they are such big babies!