Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Golden Clog Award

I love Michael Ruhlman and Tony Bourdain. Over at Ruhlman's blog, , they are setting up an awards "show" to be held in South Beach in February. It is pretty much a slam of Food Network. Why a clog award? If you have never worked in a busy kitchen without chef-clogs, your feet, calves, and knees will speak to you...for days! Here are some examples of awards:

The Malto Award=biggest media whore who cooks great and still adds inspiration to the culinary so many words.

The Rocco Award=the the chef who made the worst career move

The Alton Award=to the FN Personality who can actually cook!

The Fergus Award=best achievement in offal

The Chef's Chef Award=to the least heralded chef yet most deserving working chef

The blog goes on to accept comments/nominations in other categories. ...that you make up.

Ideas? Suggestions? Chefs in Sacto, or your area?

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