Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Little Sista's Fond Food Memory

My favorite food memory of all time surrounds the Thanksgiving feast. It wasn't Thanksgiving Day, however. It was Thanksgiving eve. My mom spent several days preparing, but the day prior to Thanksgiving was, for me, the best day of the year. Everything was hustle-bustle.

My mom (Dee) made a stuffing that was pure perfection. She allowed me to be her taster. Of course, she had already tasted it and knew it was perfect. I can still hear her voice calling "Trish, are you ready to taste the dressing for me?" It was in its raw form (we didn't worry about salmonella in raw eggs in those days, in fact I still don't). She never would have had to cook the dressing at all...it was that good.

Once I became an adult and had moved away, the day I looked forward to more than any other was Thanksgiving Eve. I would call my mom and ask her to go over her recipe with me once more, to make certain I had everything just right. We would talk about the recipe, and the entire dinner, for an hour or more.

My favorite holiday is still Thanksgiving...and it is my kids' favorite as well. I hope it is always my grandkids favorite too. It will link them forever with their great-grandmother who started it all with some stellar stuffing.

[thanks sis..for guestblogging]

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Melly said...

Nice. You must share about your yearly Italian TG feasts for 35 people! It's an all day feast people.